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Welcome to the Outdoors

There is so much to explore outside at La Grange. The 11 acres for the barn and 10 acres for the farmhouse are unique in that they are mostly set straight back, allowing for a hike in nature, without seeing another soul!

Here's a description of the grounds for the barn at La Grange.  Make sure to also check out the private park at the farmhouse.

Head out down the stairs through the balcony off the master bedroom and you will see apple trees, ideal for picking in the fall and making apple pie. The playground off the side of the house allows kids to play while being supervised safely from the kitchen. The barbecue set, patio, and multiple sitting areas create a welcoming area right off of the main door to the property.

The patio from the front entrance, off the kitchen

But there’s even more to explore on the grounds. Take a walk up the path and you will arrive at the prairie, a beautiful open meadow on the property with additional apple trees and a shaded pavilion. Follows signs to continue on the path through the property and you will arrive on a private dairy trail, with a gorgeous shaded canopy of trees all around you.

Those willing to continue the adventure may be lucky enough to come across the stream and trail, a great place for supervised play for kids. Make sure to wear bright colors when you go out into the woods on our property!

While the interior of La Grange is magical, the property is what you write home about. Hiking trails are abound in the Catskills, but a private hiking trail is something special!