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Our 185 year history has imprinted a unique look and feel

he enchanting charm of La Grange Barn & Estate lies in the character and details. You will find railroad ties functioning as original support beams, dating back to the days of the transcontinental railroad. 200-year-old original wooden foundation beams are also exposed throughout the property.


La Grange Barn & Estate is located where the Delaware County meets the Schoharie county in the scenic northern Catskill mountains of New York.


Est. 1835

The long history of La Grange starts in 1835 when it was first built as a dairy barn, encompassing its current 10.7 acres as well as the farmhouse next-door and eight connecting parcels, which were used for cow grazing.

As you approach La Grange, you will note multiple historical landmarks nearby dating back to the American Revolutionary war. Looking around you, you can imagine what it was like for American revolutionary war veterans to frequent the barn for their milk pick-ups.

The 2002 Renovation

Over the years it functioned as a dairy farm, until it fell into disrepair. In 2002, French artists purchased the barn and had it lovingly restored over a 12 year Period, meticulously planning every nook and cranny to maintain the farmhouse while adding an industrial, French aesthetic.

Re-merging Properties

In 2022, the original farmhouse was reunited with the barn and began a complete renovation to restore and redefine the property. The farmhouse became available as part of La Grange Barn & Estate in August of 2023, when the 1974 Airstream Caravan was moved to a 3rd parcel on the property, completing the current layout of the property.

Current Owner

The property is owned and maintained by the founder and Executive Director of an educational theater company for children that runs and operates summer camps and shows for children across the country.  With his youth recreation experienceimplementation of many activities for kids including the playground, playrooms, interactive projectors, and more.

Ideal Uses:

La Grange is a labor of love, built with artistic integrity and an eye for both functionality and form. We look forward to welcoming you to la famille.

·        Artist’s & Writer’s Retreat

·        Weddings

·        Yoga/Wellness Retreat

·        Executive Team Retreat

·        Family Getaway

·        Remote Work & Social Distancing

·        Fishing/Ski Group

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