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La Grange

The journey is part of the destination

Grange is located at 867 State Route 10, Jefferson, NY 12093.  Visitors from the NYC area will be greeted by a beautiful scenic drive, approximately 2 hrs and 30 mins from the George Washington Bridge. While Google Maps can get the job done, we recommend this route (and these stops) to make the journey part of the destination!

  1. Take the George Washington Bridge upper level,at the end of the bridge take a right to Palisades Parkway.
  2. Take exit 9W towards Albany I87 north
  3. Take exit 19 Kingston/Woodstock.  Briefly turn off the road at Onteora Lake and drive down to the parking lot to dip your feet in the water.
  4. Take route 28 past Woodstock, Phoenicia, and Shandaken. Stop in Phoenicia for delicious thin crust pizza from Brio’s.
  5. Take route 42 crossing the Catskills preserve with trails etc, at Lexington
  6. Take route 23 past Prattsville, Grand Gorge and arrive in Stamford.  You can stop here for all your grocery needs.
  7. Take a right on route 10 and you are 4 miles away from La Grange.

The ride is so diverse that you won't feel tired or bored and the scenery is breathtaking!

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