La Forêt

Sleep amidst the trees

Who wouldn't want to sleep in the forest, with butterflies and the light from the stars surrounding you?  Well, you don't have to worry about the morning dew, or any unwanted critters at La Grange, as the Olivia Room gives you the connection to nature, from the warmth of your master suite. You will marvel at the branch décor with ambient lighting and clever touches throughout the master suite, but the La Forêt mural is what's truly mesmerizing.

Created by visionary artist Darya Warner, La Forêt features a unique use of metallic paint to create a sheen when that dances with different lights, giving the effect of movement. Shimmering butterflies create a sense of depth. Plug in the accent lights and lay back in the canopy bed, and enjoy an evening sleep amongst the trees.

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