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La Caravane Family Camp


La Caravane Family Camp is designed to be a social and cultural French immersion language experience at an idyllic 5-star French industrial barn and farm, that sleeps 35 across 3 properties.

What is the story behind this camp?

La Caravane family camp is a collaboration between La Caravane Francophone and La Grange Barn & Estate in the Catskills. This camp leverages the hospitality and camp experience of La Grange, with the program skills and staff experience of La Caravane Francophone to create a shared experience that will serve to connect NYC French families in an immersive, social setting, that will build your child’s interest in the outdoors, French culture, and French language.


Session Dates

Session 1

Starts: Friday 8/26/22 at 12:00PM
Ends:  Monday 8/29/22 at 4:00PM

Session 2

Starts: Tuesday 8/30/22 at 12:00PM
Ends: Friday 9/2/22 at 4:00PM 

Full Week

(includes complimentary night 8/29/22, full day of camp 8/30, and discounted rate)

Starts: Friday 8/26/22 at 12:00PM
Ends: Friday 9/2/22 at 4:00PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lodging like?

There are two main properties at La Grange Barn& Estate- La Grange and La Maison Blanche. There is also an additional luxury 1974 airstream titled “La Caravane.”  La Maison and La Caravane are launching this summer, with the same amenities as La Grange.  You can see a full list of the 5 star property and its amenities here.

There are different reservation options at different price points, dependent on your interests and the amount of adults and kids that you are planning on attending. Each main property will host two families, with a shared kitchen, living room, and bathrooms (though there are a minimum of 2 bathrooms per house).  The concept is that you and your family will have plenty of space for privacy as well as the opportunity to share space with like-minded French speakers in common areas.

If you have an additional family that you would like to share a house with or reserve an entire property for your family, simply select both reservations upon enrollment. You can also contact us at or by phone at 917-862-9426, with any questions or specific requests.

Please note: La Caravane is available for private rental only and hosts up to four.  If you’d like to bring your pet or have a child under the age of 2, you will need to book La Caravane or reserve the entire property.

What are the ages of children who can attend?

While children and adults of all ages are welcome to attend, we are expecting the majority of our camp participants to fall in the 4 to 10 year old age range. Pre-teens and teenagers have the opportunity to opt-out of camp activities, as well as serve counselor assistant role if they prefer.  Children under 4 years old are entitled to participate with the understanding that parent supervision may be requested.

What is included in my stay?

In addition to access to the large host of La Grange amenities and use of the sprawling property, La Caravane family camp participants will also enjoy:

  • Professional French educators serving as counselors from 8:30 AM to 4 PM every day in which you are registered.
  • All supplies for camp, including craft activities, sports supplies, and more.
  • Creative, French inspired family activities such as crepe making, scavenger hunts, and storytelling.
  • Access to LaGrange Aventure - our custom playground, a highlight for kids ages 6+
  • One traditional French breakfast, one campfire with s’mores, and one traditional American barbecue are included for each session as well as a fully stocked array of snacks throughout your stay.  
  • Family access to boats and water activities at the nearby lake.

Does my child need to know French?

Your child and family do not need to know French, but all activities led by the staff throughout the day will be done so in French.  We will encourage families to get to know each other and communicate to each other in French, with French signage and culture everywhere!

What should I pack?

In addition to your common packing list, make sure to bring bug spray, closed toe shoes (for hiking), a sweatshirt (even in summer) and any of the food/drinks you will want for your stay. The town of Stamford is nearby and offers a farm stand, grocery store, Walgreen’s pharmacy, banks, liquor stores and more, so you can certainly find anything you might forget. The fridge has a ton of condiments, so you might want to check before you go grocery shopping.

What is your refund and Covid policy?

You can register for your preferred sessions and accommodations online. Your payment is due upon booking and is fully refundable up until August 1. A 50% refund is available August 1 until August 15. After August 15, no refunds will be given. Only exceptions are related to COVID-19. Families will be asked to submit a Covid rapid test on arrival.  We are asking all attendees at camp to be vaccinated.

Spaces & Rates

La Grange 1

The Olivia Master Bedroom & Florian Room

Beds: 1 Queen, 1 Toddler Bed, 1 Full Size Pullout Couch
# of people included: 2 adults, 2 children, 1toddler/infant
Rates: Session 1 Weekend: $975
Session 2 Weekday: $900
Full Week: $1750 

La Grange 2

The Charlotte Room & The Jules Room
Beds: 1 Queen, 2 Twin, 1 Full
# of people included: 2 Adults, 3 children
Rates: Session 1 Weekend: $975
Session 2 Weekday: $900
Full Week: $1750 

La Maison Blanche 1

The Banksy Room &The Haring Room
Beds: 1 Queen, 3 Twin
# of people included: 2Adults, 3 children
Rates: Session 1 Weekend:$875
Session 2 Weekday: $800
Full Week: $1550 

La Maison Blanche 2

The Basquiat Room & The Dali Room
Beds: 2 Queen, 1 Twin
# of people included: 2Adults, 3 children
Rates: Session 1 Weekend: $875
Session 2 Weekday: $800
Full Week: $1550 

La Caravane (private accommodations in vintage airstream)

Beds: 1 King Plus, 1 Full
# of people included: 2Adults, 2 children
Rates: Session 1 Weekend:$975
Session 2 Weekday: $900
Full Week: $1750

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